Heartwarming Thanksgiving Promotion!


Today is the day! My Thanksgiving short is live! Come read about Dr. Scott Spencer (you might remember him as the doctor Emma Everhart from THE BEST LAID PLANS thought she was supposed to fall in love with!) Scott gets his own happily ever after in this little story and I couldn’t be happier to give it to him. He’s such a good guy! You can get to the story by clicking on the banner up above!

Heartwarming is thrilled to bring you not only my story but 13 stories throughout the month! Are you ready for some free reads and some AWESOME prizes? Here’s a schedule:

Instagram&Pinterest_Calendar_A Heartwarming Thanksgiving
I could not be more excited to present the Heartwarming Thanksgiving promotion we’ve got going on November 2-26. Like I said, we have 13 free reads this month and tons of prizes to give away.

What kind of prizes you might ask? Well, how about a year’s subscription to Heartwarming? Or a $40 Amazon gift card? We’ve got books, a handmade crafts, chocolate, and more gift cards! How can you win? Well, we’re going to have ways for you to win all month long.

First up, we have a blog tour in full motion – check it our here. This is your chance to win those big prizes like the year’s subscription! Don’t miss out!

We are also setting up some challenges in the Harlequin online community. Each week there will be three activities and three weekly prizes awarded for best entry in each activity.  Members can write an epilogue to one of the week’s stories, or they might be asked to list five things they like about the hero in one of the stories, or they might have to choose their favorite line in a particular story.  All members are eligible for all activities all weeks. Starting today, you can write the epilogue to my story for a chance to win the fall wreath I made! Click here to check it out!


We also have a Goodreads giveaway that you can enter here. That runs until November 26th as well. Lots of awesome books to win.

Love Pinterest? We have a fun giveaway over there as well! Readers must PIN one of our two HQ provided PINs.  You can enter twice a day, by pinning both pins and you can enter every day by visiting the story releasing that day. 

Lastly, we have a HUGE Facebook party planned for you guys on Monday, November 30th. Tons of prizes and lots of fun. You can check that out here. You won’t be sorry you stopped in anytime during the party, I promise!

All of this is because we are so thankful for our readers and wanted to do something to really show it!! Now go and read, enter, write the epilogue. go, go, go!


The Release

This is pretty much how I’ve spent the last nine days. 

My book is out there for the world to read and I still cannot believe this is happening. It helped when my box of books showed up a few days after Christmas. I may have stared at them for an inappropriate amount of time that first day, but can you blame me?  This is totally crazy. I signed my first autograph!

I so appreciate all the positive feedback and support I have received over the last couple days. My family, my friends, and my readers are the most awesome people in the world. It has been an amazing journey, one that promises to just keep getting better. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. My family has been more than generous and supportive.  My parents got me a storm cloud necklace and a framed Weather Girl picture. And for my upcoming birthday, my husband framed a copy of my cover. I did have to remind him that I am writing more books and we are going to run out of wall space if we poster-size all my covers! He says the first one needed to be big because this is BIG. And I couldn’t disagree. 

So now what? Now, I get busy writing the next three stories in my head. I am looking forward to promoting this book. The Heartwarming authors have lots of fun stuff planned all over social media. Giveaways galore! If you haven’t checked out our Goodreads group HERE, don’t wait. There are lots of fun discussions about who and what you love to read. 

Which reminds me, my Goodreads giveaway ended on publication day and The Weather Girl has now gone worldwide. I had a winner from Canada, Malaysia, and Belgium (thanks to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, who live over there and took it back with them to save me some postage!)

Lastly, I hope to have some news about a book blog tour soon. It’s going to be fun, fun, fun. Thank you again for your support and I hope The Weather Girl provides a little bit of entertainment to those who have picked up a copy!


Sharing the Love

Another week, another blog post. December is flying by! With all the holiday preparation, I can barely keep up. Our tree is up, our stocking are hung, and a few of the gifts have been bought. But I still have a LOTS to do!

The gift I’m most excited to give this year is The Weather Girl, of course. I got word this week that my copies of the book are being shipped any day now. I won’t deny that I am constantly checking outside the front door for the big box to arrive. I cannot wait to hold a copy of this book in my hands.

The big news this week is that once they get here, I want to share them with some of you! If you look to the right, you’ll see a link to a Goodreads giveaway for a chance to win one of THREE signed copies of The Weather Girl! 

Yep, you can get a copy fo’ free if you have a Goodreads account starting today.  The contest runs until January 1st. If the link isn’t working today (since I set it up last night) keep checking back. It should be up sooner than later! 

But if you need something to read in the meantime, I have couple suggestions.

Since Christmas is coming, I decided to read something to get me in the holiday spirit. Fellow Heartwarming author, Jennifer Snow, and her novel The Trouble With Mistletoe was exactly what I was looking for. 

This is the first book in Jennifer’s Brookhollow series. This one introduces us to Luke and Victoria. These two were childhood sweethearts who were engaged to be married twelve years ago. Victoria, believing she needed to get out of Brookhollow, called the wedding off and moved to New York City to pursue her career. Luke didn’t follow. Now, she’s back in her hometown and has to face the man she left behind. The man she still isn’t quite over and who isn’t over her either. 

I loved this story. It was sweet and funny and had a great supporting cast of characters (something I love about the Heartwarming line in general!) And Luke … well, I’ll admit I’m definitely a fan. He’s everything a girl would want and then some. If you need something fun to read over the holidays, this will do the trick! You can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE or get the paperback by clicking HERE.

My other reading recommendation is a Christmas anthology that  includes a short story written by one of my very best and very dear friends. The anthology is called All I Want for Christmas is a Soulmate and the story I read and loved was Lost in Christmas.

J.R. Richardson, aka Jo, is one of my most favorite people and authors in the world. She has a way of writing characters who leap off the page. Their internal dialogue always cracks me up and she is a master of weaving together the most amazing mysteries with the sweetest romances. 

In this short story, she introduces us to Crystal Springfield, a single lady who’s spending Christmas with her most trust companion … a Golden Retriever named Berkley.  Away in mountains, she’s enjoying her solitude until a tall, dark, and handsome stranger gets lost and ends up stranded on her doorstep just before Christmas. 

I won’t say much more because that would give everything away, but I loved the snowball fight and the way she told a satisfying story in just a few pages. This is a quick read and, I won’t lie, it kind of left me wanting more. I guess I’ll have to wait for her full length novel coming out in March! 
Jo has highlighted and reviewed some of the other stories in the anthology on her website and blog, which you can find by going HERE. You can also pick up your own copy of this anthology for your kindle or e-reader over at Amazon by clicking HERE.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Happy Friday!