This bridesmaid’s been blacklisted…

So why is he risking everything for her?

It was the perfect wedding—until the groom spontaneously announces he’s in love with bridesmaid Bonnie Windsor! Now Bonnie’s being ostracized by the entire town. The only person willing to stand up for her? The bride’s superhandsome brother, Aaron Cole. And he’ll risk everything—including his family—to prove that this pretty woman deserves a happily-ever-after of her own.


The church aisle was lined with bunches of pale pink and white roses. A giant halo of those same roses, as well as orchids and hydrangea, hung above the bride and groom. Lauren carried a ballerina bouquet of pink peonies and cascading white orchids. Bonnie knew this was nothing compared to what awaited them at the reception at the Cole Winery after the ceremony. Lauren had wanted a secret garden theme, and her father had spared no expense. The reception flowers had been delivered by the truckload.

“If any of you has a reason why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.”Bonnie wasn’t sure why Lauren had left this part in the ceremony. Maybe she wanted to make sure there weren’t any ex-boyfriends still pining away for her. Even if there were, it wasn’t like anyone would dare to disrupt this moment for her. No one was that self-destructive.

“I do,” Mitch choked out.

There was a quiet rumble of laughter through the church. Lauren let out a nervous giggle. “Not yet, honey,” she whispered to him. “Wait until our part.”

Bonnie exchanged looks with Cheryl Cooper, the bridesmaid on her left as they faced the congregation. Leave it to Mitch to be so worried about what he was supposed to say that he prematurely gave his consent to be married. Lauren had been so hard on him last night at the rehearsal, threatening to make him sleep alone on their wedding night if he messed up his vows.

Mitch dabbed his forehead with the handkerchief. “No, I mean that I object.”