Caught between friendship

and falling in love…

Amanda Harrison’s life is changing way too fast. Discovering that she’s really one of the Montana Blackwells was hard enough. Now Blake Collins—her best friend and the guy Amanda’s secretly in love with—is engaged to someone else. But Montana cowboy country has a way of claiming its own. And being a Blackwell means Amanda must learn how to fight for herself…and for the love she deserves.

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Blake was a man of his word. He watched out for her all evening and through the night. When morning came, Amanda opened her eyes and there he was, out like a light on the pillow next to hers.

With him asleep, she could really look at him. He was beautiful for a guy. His skin was always sun kissed but soft, thanks to his very complicated, multistep skin-care routine. She liked to tease him that he was higher maintenance than all of her sisters combined.

Amanda carefully ran her fingertips down his cheek. He made her heart feel too big for her chest. Yesterday, before she hurt herself, he had accused her of not letting him love her or, at the very least, making it difficult to love her. What she couldn’t tell him was that if she didn’t love him so much, she would selfishly try to keep him for herself. It was because she loved him that she had to put up those so called roadblocks. Blake deserved to have everything he wanted.

What he wanted the most she couldn’t give him.