Heartwarming Thanksgiving Promotion!


Today is the day! My Thanksgiving short is live! Come read about Dr. Scott Spencer (you might remember him as the doctor Emma Everhart from THE BEST LAID PLANS thought she was supposed to fall in love with!) Scott gets his own happily ever after in this little story and I couldn’t be happier to give it to him. He’s such a good guy! You can get to the story by clicking on the banner up above!

Heartwarming is thrilled to bring you not only my story but 13 stories throughout the month! Are you ready for some free reads and some AWESOME prizes? Here’s a schedule:

Instagram&Pinterest_Calendar_A Heartwarming Thanksgiving
I could not be more excited to present the Heartwarming Thanksgiving promotion we’ve got going on November 2-26. Like I said, we have 13 free reads this month and tons of prizes to give away.

What kind of prizes you might ask? Well, how about a year’s subscription to Heartwarming? Or a $40 Amazon gift card? We’ve got books, a handmade crafts, chocolate, and more gift cards! How can you win? Well, we’re going to have ways for you to win all month long.

First up, we have a blog tour in full motion – check it our here. This is your chance to win those big prizes like the year’s subscription! Don’t miss out!

We are also setting up some challenges in the Harlequin online community. Each week there will be three activities and three weekly prizes awarded for best entry in each activity.  Members can write an epilogue to one of the week’s stories, or they might be asked to list five things they like about the hero in one of the stories, or they might have to choose their favorite line in a particular story.  All members are eligible for all activities all weeks. Starting today, you can write the epilogue to my story for a chance to win the fall wreath I made! Click here to check it out!


We also have a Goodreads giveaway that you can enter here. That runs until November 26th as well. Lots of awesome books to win.

Love Pinterest? We have a fun giveaway over there as well! Readers must PIN one of our two HQ provided PINs.  You can enter twice a day, by pinning both pins and you can enter every day by visiting the story releasing that day. 

Lastly, we have a HUGE Facebook party planned for you guys on Monday, November 30th. Tons of prizes and lots of fun. You can check that out here. You won’t be sorry you stopped in anytime during the party, I promise!

All of this is because we are so thankful for our readers and wanted to do something to really show it!! Now go and read, enter, write the epilogue. go, go, go!


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