Cover Reveal for THE HARDEST FIGHT!


There’s no backing down this time

Lucy Everhart expected her opposing counsel to be a slick, soulless corporate lawyer. Who else would represent developers intent on turning Chicago’s Safe Haven women’s shelter into condos? But she never imagined it would be Dylan Hunt. Clearly, he’s no longer the idealistic young man she fell for in law school. This is Dylan 2.0. The man who let her go without a fight five years ago—along with his passion for social justice, apparently. He may have compromised what he believed in, but Lucy hasn’t. Dylan has no idea what kind of fight he’s in for. But then again, neither does she.

I am SO excited to share the new cover for my upcoming Harlequin Heartwarming book – THE HARDEST FIGHT. This is Lucy’s story, the oldest of the Everhart sisters, and anyone who has read the other two books in the series knows that Lucy is one tough woman. She is a fighter for sure, but what someone shows on the outside is not always what is going on in the inside. I can’t wait for everyone to hear Lucy’s thoughts and find out what’s really going on with her.

This is the third book in the Chicago Sisters Series and the one I am most proud of so far. The city plays a big part in this story, so I was really happy to see Chicago make an appearance on the cover. I’ve gone downtown a couple times since writing this book and have stood right where certain scenes took place, making me feel even more connected to these characters.  I can’t wait for you all to read it. Is it July yet?

 It’s bittersweet to see the Chicago Sisters Series come to an end. All three sisters hold a special place in my heart (as do their heroes!)

Chicago Series Collage

If you need to catch up before The Hardest Fight comes out in July, here are the links to all of the books in the series!

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Cover Reveal – Cookie Cutter by Jo Richardson

Before I get the the big reveal, I need to announce the winner of the copy of The Best Laid Plans from the last post. The winner is Aimee Brown! If Aimee could please contact me via the contact form on this site, I will send you your copy right away!

Now, the real reason for this post … I am so excited to participate in the cover reveal for the second novel by Jo Richardson. She is an amazing writer with so much heart and wit. I can’t wait to read this book. Without further ado, here’s the cover!

coverfinalcovercookiecutter copy

Iris Alden and Carter Blackwood couldn’t be more different. Change-averse Iris likes her life neat and organized, while Carter’s itchy feet mean he doesn’t plan to stay in the same place for long.

When Carter moves into the house across the street from Iris, to renovate it, she fights the disruption it causes in her life.Before long, though, it’s not simply the house Carter’s rebuilding, but Iris’s heart, too.

Cookie Cutter

Author: Jo Richardson

Publisher: Little Bird Publishing

Genre: Contemporary RomCom

Release date: March 23, 2015

Goodreads link:


“What are you doing here?”

It’s Carter freaking Blackwood. Of course.

He smiles that ridiculously bright, white smile of his and lets out a soft snicker. “I’m fixing a floor for a friend, what are you doing here?”

It’s completely obvious what I’m doing here, seeing as I’m carrying two huge trays of sugar cookies in my arms.

“A friend? You just moved in. How do you have friends already?” I say it a bit harsher than I probably should but honestly, how does he have friends already?  James and I were here a good six months before people started really talking to me.  It was a year before I could call any of them friends. The edges of Carter’s mouth turn down and his head dips to one side as his shoulders hunch then settle.

“People like me, I guess.”

The smug look on his face is enough to make me want to slap it.  Or kiss it.

Wait. Not kiss it. I didn’t mean kiss it. Why am I staring at his lips?

“People who don’t want to kill me that is.  Are you okay?”

I blink, and search my brain, but I’m still not quite sure what to say to him, so I extend my arms. “I brought cookies.” As soon as I say the words, I hear them. I sound ridiculous and Carter’s bright eyes crinkle with amusement.

He closes his lids and he breathes the baked goods in. Then hums. The sound of his voice sends a vibration through me and I shiver. I am eternally grateful that he doesn’t see it happen.

His eyes open slowly. When they reach mine, I’m glued to his stare like a deer in headlights.

“Those cookies smell really fucking good, Iris.”

The bedroom eyes catch me off guard and my mouth falls open so I snap it shut. I’m a buffoon with no ability to speak.

“Can I have one?” He reaches out and I balance the platter with one hand, then slap his fingers with the other while I find words. A word that is.


“Ow.” He pulls his hand away, like a child getting reprimanded, only when we make eye contact again, he doesn’t seem child like to me.

I wouldn’t say he’s angry. He doesn’t exactly laugh, either. And his eyes gleam as he stares at me. I hate his eyes almost as much as I hate his teeth. Maybe more. Dammit, I’m staring, again.

“They’re for Ally’s class,” I tell him. “Fundraiser, I mean bake sale.” I fumble my words. He’s so frustrating.

Other works by Jo:

Cursed be the Wicked, a paranormal mystery romance, released March 2014 through Soul Mate Publishing


Lost in Christmas, a short story included in Soul Mate Publishing’s 2013 Christmas anthology


About Jo:BIO PIC

A movie fanatic, a writer of stories, a lover of life.

Jo grew up in Maryland with four siblings, three parents and an endless number of cousins within the vicinity – but it was too cold up North for this thin blooded girl. So today, she lives in Florida with her two girls and a husband that shares her same sense of humor and basic take on life as we know it.

Life is too short to put dreams on the back burner.

Jo tells contemporary stories with romance, humor, the supernatural, the paranormal, suspense, mystery, action and anything else she can think up.

In 2012, she wrote Cursed be the Wicked, a character driven, paranormal mystery romance that was picked up by Soul Mate Publishing and released in March of 2014. Since then, Jo has also written a couple of short stories and her recently contracted contemporary romantic comedy, entitled Cookie Cutter, is set to release on March 23, 2015 through Little Bird Publishing.

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